Rose’s Baptism Story

Rose came to Jesus at the age of 14 but still struggled with life. Recently she came back into fellowship with Jesus and he is helping her deal with bouts of depression.

Joe’s Baptism Story

A hectic and perfection filled life made him unhappy and unsettled.  He came to Jesus and now he doesn’t have to worry about his perfection because Jesus is perfect.

Josh’s Baptism Story

Living in addiction, on one particularly difficult evening he began to pray for help. A friend invited him to community groups and there he met...

Jason’s Baptism Story

Driven by addictions he ended up in jail. While there he recognized he had to change.  He asked a Christian friend to help and he told him about...

Brian and Jen’s Baptism Story

Jen grew up in church but was not convicted of her sin till about 24 years old and became active in her faith. Brian, dating Jen, was drawn into her life and began to read the Bible like she did. Both grew in their faith and walk with...