Lorelei’s Baptism Story

Attended church for several years but did not have a personal relationship with Jesus.  She accepted Jesus as her Savior and her life was changed in many ways.

Samantha’s Baptism Story

At 3 years old asked Jesus to forgive her sins, but didn’t fully understand.   Years later her family moved, she had no friends was unhappy and came to church and came to a full understanding of who Jesus was and now he is her Savior.

Tyler’s Baptism Story

He was addicted to drugs, distant from his family, and feeling lost. He went to treatment, got sober but still struggling.  Spoke to someone about Jesus and it changed his life.

Morgan’s Baptism Story

Growing up with parents involved in addictions she too became addicted to drugs.  She had a broken family but a friend took her in and introduced her to Jesus.

Alexa’s Baptism Story

A quiet girl yet she was searching for something in her life. Other family members wanted her to visit the church and after some time finally convinced her to come along.  She came to Jesus in...

Amanda’s Baptism Story

Anxiety and fear gripped her most of her life. When diagnosed with severe migraines it all intensified. A family member inviter her to church where she learned about Jesus and became a...

Billy’s Baptism Story

Involved in a denominational church from birth to 2020 he struggled with his relationship with God. After the death of his Grandmother he began earnestly seeking after Christ and became a follower of...